My Epic Quest: a Bucket List

I’ll probably add things as I go along, but this is my starter list.

Get to 20% body fat
Get back to my old stats, 40-28-40, or I’d settle for 40-30-40, true hourglass.
Do a pull up
Do 20 pull ups
Become ‘fluent’ in Paleospeak and Paleocooking
Maintain Paleo for one month
Maintain Paleo for one year
Take part in a belly dancing show
Learn to hula hoop / hoop dance
Do 50 push ups
Do 100 push ups
Run a 5k
Run a half marathon
Run the London Marathon for Everyman Male Cancer charity
Become a Zumba instructor

Become a published author
PhD in Creative Writing
Find a job in the arts
Learn to play piano well
Retrain my voice (opera)
Put together a burlesque act
Take part in a burlesque showcase
Play Mabel in ‘The Pirates of Penzance’
Play Elphaba in ‘Wicked’
Sing ‘Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen’ (the Queen of the Night Aria) from Mozart’s the Magic Flute
Sing ‘Il dolce suono… Spargi d’amaro pianto’ (the Mad Scene) from Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor in the original key of F
Meet Neil Gaiman and get his autograph
Learn to knit properly
Make a second (better) singing album
Become manager of my local theatre company
Become fluent in French
Become fluent in German
Have my own writing website

Have a full time job
Be totally debt free
Build my savings back up to 3k or more
Get cats
Have a miniature schnauzer
Get married
Pose for a wedding photo with the groom, best man and chief bridesmaid on the crossing at Abbey Road
Learn to drive
Have children
Own a house
Host Christmas for my family and friends

Learn to wear contact lenses full time
Cultivate a pin-up wardrobe
Be placed in the winning 3 in the Curvy Kate ‘Star in a Bra’ competition
Have a professional pin-up photoshoot
Grow my nails
Tattoos: foxes sleeve, torc, shoulders, upper backpiece, decide on lower backpiece, inner wrists, music sleeve, behind ears, Dita-style beauty mark, finish Girdle of Hippolyta.
Piercings: triple forward helix, 4th lobe holes, repierce navel, repierce eyebrow, labret
Grow hair to shoulders without dyeing it
Grow hair to waist length (no dye restrictions specified)
Regain my 4-inch ponytail circumference

‘Hobbiton’, NZ – and drink a pint in the Green Dragon pub
Go to Achensee
Walk up Glastonbury Tor
Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando
Kiss the tomb of Oscar Wilde
Visit the grave of Edgar Allen Poe
Leave a rose at John Lennon’s memorial
Go to Stonehenge for summer or winter solstice
Have a photo taken at Strawberry Fields
Natural History Museum
Westminster Abbey
New York for Christmas
The Valley of the Kings, Sphinx and Pyramids


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