I Got Red in My Ledger.

I do indeed got red in my ledger, and hopefully eating clean and exercising more will help me to wipe it out.

Diet is one of the major issues in my failure to ‘get shit done’ about my size and fitness over the past few years. So as I mentioned my eating plan is to go Paleo. I am a carb fiend and have binged a lot in the past on bread, rice, pasta and sweet things like cake. Cutting out carbs and grains last year would have been anathema because they were my comfort foods. Sure, I have just been told ‘oh, you’ve tried that before, haven’t you, and… lapsed‘ and yes, yes I have. But this time, bitches, I’m EXCITED ABOUT IT. I want to replace comfort food with ‘comfort exercise’ – to go for a run or swim or training session instead of stuffing my face with something.

This is my EXCITED face.

This is my EXCITED face.

A little history:  I am a 5 ft 11, 259lb geeky girl from Yorkshire, UK, now living in London. I have always been tall and big, but since my dad died in 1998 I turned to food for comfort, battled (and beat) bulimia, and am now left with the weight and a rubbish relationship with food. I was only 147lb before Dad died and that shape is what I’d like to get back to (through reading NerdFitness I know that the scale is a lying hound and if I am fitter and more muscular I may not get exactly to 147, but I would like to try. I’m after the same shape rather than the exact weight.)

I see James Lamper, a psychologist from The WeightMatters Practice for therapy and he advised me to tackle the emotional issues of my eating disorder because I didn’t feel ready to try to fight the flab. I actually now feel ready to tackle the physical problem, get off my butt and do some exercise and become a Hannah Solo rather than a Jabba. I haven’t really done anything like this before apart from a few Zumba classes, which I enjoyed. I have never been excited about health or exercise or fitness before – not until I found NF.

I discovered NF on Christmas Eve 2012 and have been exploring Paleo and NF pages ever since. I have found a butcher that sells bones and marrow which is going to be awesome for making bone broth. His prices are also good for regular meat, and UK meat is pretty much all grass fed AFAIK. I know I will have to change a lot of my cooking habits, but this is GOOD. I NEED to change them, because they’re crap!

I also like this post on bone broth.

So I have made a corner of my room over to NF and my plans. I have 2 whiteboards with my game-plan title ‘OPERATION BOUDICCA’ on them, along with the Paleo YES and NO foods, Steve’s Beginner Body Weight Workout, Steve’s Warm Up from the Hotel Room Workout, and some other bits of info. I added on ‘Moisturise like a bitch’ (I am frightened of getting loose skin so I want to avoid that as much as possible), ‘Body Brushing’, and ‘Drink water like it’s your job’. I also pinned up the photo of myself at 147 lb, which along with finding NF was what started this whole thing.  Here it is.

Excuse the purple hair and godawful straight-leg jeans!

Excuse the purple hair and baggy jeans

I’m away staying with friends as of tomorrow, so I’m not sure I can start seriously until the 3rd Jan. I will be going for long walks with them and their 2yo son, and I’ll be offering to carry him and push the pushchair too. If we can go to the park I’ll try a few exercises on the climbing frame, lol.

One thing I have to do is DRINK WATER. I hate drinking water, but I have discovered it’s OK if I add a tablespoon of pure lemon or lime juice.  I managed to drink a pint of water tonight. That may not seem much but it’s a big deal for me. I have no natural thirst, so I don’t really have a big soda habit or anything, but I really need to up my hydration without using fruit juice or soft drinks.

Like this dude.

Like this dude.

Battle plan for Mons, Weds and Fridays:

– wake up and take Klamath algae tablet (from my doctor to combat depression) with a glass of lemon water. (Steve suggests working out in a fasted state, and eating your first meal at least 30min after your workout. I’ll see how that goes)

– Morning Mile walk as per NF website.

– walk home, warm up and do Beginners’ Body Weight Workout, then eat Paleo-friendly breakfast and get on with rest of day.

– evening/late afternoon: appropriate section from ‘Couch to 5k’ running plan.

Battle plan for Tues and Thursdays:

– wake up and take Klamath algae tablet with a glass of lemon water

– Morning Mile walk as per NF website – walk to my local gym (of which I am a member but have never been – epic fail!)

– Swimming in the local pool.  (Steve says not to do the BWW every day but to alternate. I also have my buddy ‘Thor’ writing workouts for me so I can do different things and not get bored.)

– Walk home, eat Paleo-friendly breakfast and get on with rest of day.

– evening/late afternoon: appropriate section from ‘Couch to 5k’.

Weekends are more difficult as I do theatre work on Sundays sometimes and spend time with friends on Saturdays, but I am sure I can fit in a BWW in the morning or a swim or some C25K. Just so long as I do SOMETHING. I have also found a belly dance class in Watford nearby (I haven’t danced for years so I need to get back on that horse) and I want to find a Zumba class, but that means more money. I don’t work at the moment, although I’m desperate to find a good job. As soon as I have a job, sure I’ll have to get up earlier to fit in the workouts, or do them later in the day – but I’ll have a bit of spare cash to give to a Zumba class or hula hoop class. (I got a hula hoop for Christmas and an exercise ball too. I’ve been looking at Steve’s Youtube channel at his exercise ball videos so that will help.)

I will check back in on Jan 3rd when this plan will be On Like Donkey Kong! (and my Paleo cookbooks should have arrived from Amazon).

And to wish you all a Happy New Year and a Healthy 2013 here is a little ferret enjoying a bath. I couldn’t find one doing a hula hoop class.

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.


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